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Beginner Disc Golf Sets – Where Do I Start?

beginner disc golf sets

One of the best ways for new, eager disc golfers to get started in their disc golf career is by way of a starter set.

A starter set can really help take away a lot of stress in the decision-making process of which driver, which midrange and which putter you should start out with, and what will be the best option for you. It can also a be a bit more cost effective as it can help you stop yourself from selecting more discs than you need right at the start of your disc golf journey.

In this article I will go over some ways to help you find the perfect starter set for you and what to look for when you are scouring the web, or the shelves, for the perfect fit.

What is Disc golf Starter set for Beginner

First off, what makes a starter set a starter set? While the most common kind of starter set is your basic driver, midrange, putter combo, not all starter sets are alike.

There are some starter sets out there that bring two drivers and a putter, some are just a driver and a putter, and you may even find one with two drivers, a midrange, and a putter!

Some sets may also be meant more for when you trying to break into a higher level of disc golf and bring discs that may not be entirely suited for someone who has never played before.

One example of this kind of starter set is the Divergent Discs Max Performance Starter Set. It is a set that brings a driver, midrange, and putter, but they have a higher arm speed for each of those discs than the sister starter set from Divergent Discs that offers the standard three-disc combo with lower speeds. This allows for players that enjoy the feel of their Divergent set to get more discs from that brand but offer the ability to go farther than what the base starter set offers.

For this reason, it is very important to be honest with yourself and where you see yourself in terms of your arm speed, your ability to throw the disc flat, and your overall experience throwing disc golf discs.

If you have never thrown a disc before, then it would be best for you to look into something that offers a standard three-disc combo of driver, midrange, and putter that has a lower speed rating as it will help you get more distance on your throws and allow you to develop good throwing habits early.

If you go for something that has a higher speed rating or brings lots of discs than you may end up getting overwhelmed with your early experiences and become frustrated, and we don’t want that!

Suitable Disc Golf Discs for Beginners

Luckily for us, a lot of manufacturers have helped us out by figuring out which of their myriad of discs are best suited for beginners and have boxed those up neatly for us to find in stores or online. These sets will often include discs that have the lower speed rating, are understable, and come in budget plastics so that you don’t break the bank on a disc you decide you don’t like.

How to Choose Beginner Disc Golf Sets

looking for advice disc golf

What other factors should you consider when getting a starter set? If they all offer the same type of discs and are all fairly similar, why not just pick any random set and get started? Well, a few reasons.

Your Attention

First off, plain, and simple, what draws your attention?

Maybe you’ve heard the name Innova before, there’s a pretty good chance you have, so that is what you gravitate towards. However, you go towards the set and see a set of discs with an interesting black rim around all three discs and the name MVP catches your eye and draws your attention.

It’s okay to be drawn by something that looks cool or even feels good to the touch. You never should feel like once you buy a starter set you are locked into that brand for life. That’s why they are sold at lower prices, so that you can explore and find what’s right for you.

Flight Numbers

The next step is to look at the flight numbers. You may want to do a bit of research on this before you get into disc golfing as it will really help you hit the ground running. To keep it simple, however, the most important numbers to look for are the speed and the fade, the first and last numbers on the disc. If they are really high numbers, it may not be the set for you if you’re first starting out. You will want to stick with lower numbers as this will help you to throw the disc with more correct form and allow you to really see how a disc should fly.

Looking for Advice

After that step, you have reached one of the most important steps: seek advice. Look at what your friends throw and why they throw what they throw. Ask the local shop what is good for a beginner. You can never go wrong asking for a few different opinions to see what people say and suggest. Your friends can help you decide what will be the best fit for you based off of what you tell them you like, or even someone who works at the local shop.

Believe it or not, each brand can fit a personality very well or not so well. As crazy as that sounds I have a friend who I disc golf with a lot, and he likes his discs to look really cool and he likes the slicker feeling plastics which is why Discraft is the brand for him.

I personally am not drawn so much to looks as much as I am drawn to the feel of the disc in my hands. That is why I don’t have a lot of one brand in my bag at the moment because all of them appeal to me.

Pick your Starter Set

Once you have gone through these basic steps you will be ready to pick the right starter set for you. There may be a chance that the first one you pick ends up not being the right one, but the best part about disc golf is that you can always get more discs and change up your bag. You have the power to throw what you want to throw.

So don’t be afraid to choose a starter set and feel like you have to be locked into that brand or stuck with those discs for forever. You can always go back and get something better for you.

Final Thoughts

The starter sets are just another tool for us to use in our disc golf journey of discovering what we like, what kind of player we are and the best way to dominate the card!


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