How Much Does it Cost to Play Disc Golf

how much does it cost to play disc golf

With the increasing popularity of disc golf, most people who are not familiar are unaware that it does not cost much to play it. Compared to golf, the expenses of playing are much cheaper compared to the more luxurious sport.

But how much does it cost to play disc golf? Very little. The sport can be played recreationally and competitively. For recreation, you can shell out around $40 to $100 but only spend $20 if you can find free disc golf courses in your area.

Disc Golf Equipment Estimated Cost
Disc Golf Disc Starter Set $20 to $50
Disc Golf Bag $20 to $40
Miscellaneous (Gas and Snacks) $5 to $10
Access to a Disc Golf Course Mostly Free or a Few Dollars

Based on the table above, it is not expensive to play disc golf especially if you are just starting to learn the sport. In fact, you can even play it for free. All you have to do is borrow a disc golf disc from someone who plays disc golf and start throwing the disc in an open field.

A starter disc golf set that contains all the types of discs needed in a full golf game should only cost around $20 to $50. A disc golf bag should cost only $20 to $40, but if you have a backpack, it should be enough to carry and make the discs safe while playing.

There are also miscellaneous expenses that you need to spend while playing a disc golf game. Of course, you will spend your gas going to the disc golf course and snacks while playing the game. All of these miscellaneous expenses should cost you around $5 to $10.

Lastly, if you think finding a disc golf course is hard and expensive, think again. If you are just playing recreationally, most of the disc golf courses are free, including open fields and parks found in your area. If you want to play a standard disc golf course, this venue should cost you only a few dollars.

Compared with other Pastimes

Disc Golf Golf Soccer Baseball
$40 to $100 $215 Minimum $25 to $800 $ 237 Minimum

There is no better way to determine the affordability of disc golf than to compare it with other pastimes. If you want to start playing golf, you will need to spend on the clubs, which should cost you around $100.

In golf, you also need to have a golf bag which is around $50, golf balls for $20, and tees for $5. Moreover, a paid round of 9 to 18 holes is around $30 with a cart and other expenses during the game. It is estimated that the cost of starting to play golf is around $215 minimum.

On the other hand, if you want to play baseball, you will need to buy a baseball glove which can cost you around $40. You will also need a pair of cleats for $60, socks for $10, baseball pants for $25, and a baseball jersey worth $30. You also need baseballs for practice which should cost around $75. In other words, playing disc golf can cost you around $240.

Meanwhile, soccer, the world’s most popular game, will need you to buy a pair of cleats worth around $50. You also need a pair of socks worth $15, shin guards for $20, and mouthguards for $10. But the actual expense is the payment of joining a team to play for a single season which should bring the total costs to around $800.

Based on the information above, it is much cheaper to start playing disc golf compared to other popular pastimes. It is also why this sport is gaining popularity in and around the country and other countries as well.

The Cost of Playing Disc Golf Competitively

cost of playing disc golf

If you play recreationally, disc golf is very cheap if you want to start the sport. But if you want to play competitively, is it still inexpensive? Definitely, it is. If you want to be competitive in the sport, you need to look for disc golf clubs for friendly competition. These clubs will also set up tournaments that offer prizes for disc golf players.

The payment for entering a local disc golf club should be around $5 to $30 for the whole year. Some clubs offer free membership, which is totally fine. But most of the clubs charge a monetary fee to play the sport.

Then, there is also another option which is to play the sport professionally. If you want to go this way, you must prepare a lot of money for the expenses. If you want to play competitively at the pro level, you need to be already good in the game and have enough money to spend, as you need to travel for every competition.


If you are looking for a sport or an affordable hobby, then disc golf is an excellent option. But how much does it cost to play disc golf? The sport is very cheap to play as you will get the equipment for the least amount of money, as shown in this article. The sport’s affordability is the reason why its popularity has been increasing through the years.


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