Disc Golf Rules for Beginners

disc golf rules for beginners

Disc golf is a fun and challenging sport making it desirable to everyone. If you are new to disc golf. It is essential for you to familiarize yourself with the basic rules and regulations of the sport. Doing this action will help ensure a fun and enjoyable experience while playing the sport.

But what are the basic disc golf rules for beginners? This article will discuss all the basic rules in detail. We will break down everything you need to know about playing this game properly. Please see below.

Teeing Rules

Disc golf begins with players throwing their discs from a designated tee area toward the target basket. Each hole on the disc golf course comes with a tee pad or tee area marked with a sign indicating the hole number and distance.

The disc golf player must throw the disc from behind the tee pad markers to start a hole. The score of the previous hole determines the throwing order. The disc golf player with the lowest score throws first.

The Rule in Establishing a Lie

Once the player throws the disc, the spot where the disc lands is considered their lie. The player must pick up the disc from the spot where it landed and throw it from there. Players must take the shortest route to their lie, and their throw must be made from behind it.

Out of Bounds Rule

A disc that lands out of bounds or in a hazardous area is subject to penalty. Out of bounds are usually marked by white lines, and a player must add one stroke to their core and take their next shot from a designated drop zone or from the last spot where the disc was thrown.

Rules on Scoring

In disc golf, the game’s object is to complete each hole in as few throws as possible. The disc golf player with the lowest score at the end of the game is declared the winner. Each hole is assigned a par value that indicates the number of throws it should take to complete the hole. For example, completing a par three hole should take three throws or fewer.

Rules on Safety

Safety will be a top priority when you play disc golf. For your safety, you should always be aware of your surroundings and avoid throwing when others are in close proximity. If a player accidentally hits another player with their disc, they should apologize and ensure that the other player is not injured.

rules on completing the round

Courtesy Rules

All disc golf players are expected to play good sportsmanship and follow proper etiquette. Players must wait for their turn to throw and avoid distracting others while they are throwing. Additionally, players should not litter on the course and should pack out any trash they generate.

In addition, during the game, players must avoid displaying unsportsmanlike behaviour, including cursing, shouting, striking the course or even the equipment. Other undesirable behaviours include littering, distracting others, and interfering with other players in various ways.

Rules on Equipment

Disc golf equipment includes sets of specialized disc golf discs, such as drivers, mid-range discs, and putters. A disc golf player must carry up to 14 discs in their bag during a round. Please note that illegal equipment, such as weighted or modified discs, is strictly prohibited.

Rules on Interference

Players should not interfere with the lie of another player’s disc. This action includes stepping on or in front of the disc or moving objects in the way. If a natural or artificial object obstructs a player’s lie, they may take a penalty and move their lie to the nearest open spot.

Rules on Lost Discs

If a player cannot locate their disc after throwing, they are allowed a maximum of three minutes to search for it. If the disc is not found, the disc golf player must take a penalty stroke and throw from their last lie.

Rules on Completing the Round

A round of disc golf typically consists of 18 holes normally. After completing the last hole, all the players should return to the starting point to record their individual scores. It is essential that players will be honest and accurate when recording scores to ensure fair play.


Disc golf is a fun and exciting sport that is easy to learn and play for everyone. By following the disc golf rules for beginners, you will have an enjoyable and successful experience on the course. So, grab your disc, head out to the course, and start playing disc golf.

Overall, disc golf is a great way to spend time with family and friends, stay active, and enjoy the great outdoors. Anyone can start playing disc golf today with a basic understanding of the rules and equipment.


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