Divergent Discs Kraken – Easy to Throw Disc Golf Driver

The Kraken driver is a fairway disc that’s easy to throw, with a 1.8cm thick rim for excellent control and

Yikun Discs Wei (Phoenix Line) – Distance Driver

The Wei is an ultra understable moderately high-speed distance driver from Yikun. It features a nice, predictable fade at the

Viking Discs-Ragnarok (Air Plastic) – Multi Purpose Driver

The Viking Discs Air Ragnarok is ideal for achieving long control drives that require tight s-curves and finishing fades. It’s

Viking Discs Starter – 3 Disc Golf Set

Get started in disc golf with the affordable Viking Discs Starter Set. It includes the Rune for easy putting and

XCOM Bennu – Disc Golf Beginner Putter

The Bennu is a putter that flies straight and feels comfortable in your hand. It doesn’t have a bead and

XCOM Eden – Disc Golf Beginner Midrange

The Eden is a disc that can be used for stable mid-range shots. It has a strong approach to the

Basilisk Long Range – Easy to use Driver

The Basilisk by Divergent Discs is a distance driver that is designed to release in an understable manner. It has