How Many Holes in Disc Golf

how many holes in disc golf

There is a reason why you are starting to learn how to play disc golf. Whether it is the challenge or the enjoyment that this sport brings to you, there is no doubt that disc golf is a sport that is very simple to learn and play. One of the things to know if you are a beginner is the number of holes a disc golf course has, as it varies from one disc golf to another.

But how many holes in disc golf? The number of holes in disc golf can differ depending on the course. However, the typical number of holes in disc golf has between 9 and 18 holes. There are also disc golf courses with lesser and more than traditional golf courses, which will be discussed in detail in this article.

Number of Holes Type of Disc Golf Course
9 to 18 Holes Traditional or Full Courses
27 to 36 or More Holes Super Courses or Mega Courses
Less Than 9 Holes Pitch and Putt Courses

If you are just starting to learn the sport, it is normal to ask how many holes are in a typical disc golf course. Apparently, the disc golf course can be classified according to the number of holes. Based on the table above, there are different types of disc golf courses according to the number of holes. Please see below.

Full Disc Golf Courses

A typical disc golf course consists of 9 to 18 holes. This is the size of traditional disc golf courses primarily used in tournaments. The course layout can influence the location, with the holes ranging in length from as short as 100 feet to over 1000 feet.

The difficulty of each hole can be determined by various factors, including the length of the hole, the terrain’s elevation, and the presence of various obstacles, including trees and lakes. In addition, most of these courses are built in a natural setting such as a wooded area or a park.

The setup makes the disc golf courses more challenging but interesting to the players as they try to navigate natural obstacles, including trees and bushes. Disc golf courses were also built with artificial obstacles, including water hazards, walls, and bunkers.

In terms of the hole, traditional disc golf courses can have 9 or 18 holes. A 9-hole course is shorter and less challenging compared to an 18-hole course. The 18-hole course is more challenging, which is perfect for experienced disc golfers.

Mega or Super Disc Golf Courses

full disc golf courses

There are disc golf courses with more than 18 holes. These disc golf courses are usually called mega or super courses. The holes usually range from 27 to 36 or more holes. The holes are typically larger in size and will require more time to complete a game.

One example of a disc golf course with more than 18 holes is the Blue Ribbons Pines Course which is located in Pines, Minnesota. The popular disc golf course has 27 holes. Another course that has more than the standard 18 holes is located in Michigan named Flip City disc golf course. The said course has 24 holes.

These two courses, along with the others with more than 18 holes, are all popular among golf enthusiasts. Other courses around the country and all over the world offer more than 18 holes. These courses provide a unique challenge and enjoyment to disc golf players.

Pitch and Putt Courses

There are also disc golf courses with less than 9 holes to offer. It should be noted that the minimum number of holes to be considered as a standard course is 9. However, there are courses that have fewer holes compared to the minimum requirement.

The disc golf community calls it the pitch and putt courses made for various reasons, including limited space, budget constraints, and even the goal of the development to create much easier disc golf courses.

In addition, these golf courses are an excellent option for beginners who are just starting to learn the sport or for those recreational disc golfers who are just looking for fun and quick rounds of disc golf.

Some disc golf courses are also built with fewer holes because it is designed to be played multiple times in different configurations. The purpose is to allow players to play with various smaller courses. Usually, these courses have alternate basket locations to offer the players unique challenges and distances for each hole.


If you want to know how many holes in disc golf, the number of holes in a disc golf course can vary depending on a variety of factors, including space availability, the course designer’s vision, and what the local disc golf community wants in the design.

Overall, 18 holes is the standard for most disc golf courses, but there are many that have more than or fewer than the regular disc golf courses. Each of these unique courses carries various challenges, whether the course is standard, super courses, or smaller.


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