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Divergent Discs Leviathan (Max Grip) – Easy to use Midrange

The Leviathan is an excellent disc golf choice for first-time players. It’s a mid-range disc that’s easy to throw and

Divergent Discs Tiyanak (Max Grip) – Easy to use Fairway Driver

The Divergent Discs Tiyanak fairway driver is very understable. It’s designed for those with slower arms who struggle to reach

Divergent Discs Tiyanak (MaxValue) – Beginner Fairway Driver

The Tiyanak is a disc golf driver designed for recreational players who throw less than 200 feet. It is an

Latitude 64 Diamond (Opto Air) – Easy to use Driver

The Latitude 64 Diamond disc is popular among beginners, children, and players with moderate arm strength. It’s a great first

Yikun Discs Gou (Tiger Line) – Fairway Driver

The Gou is a very understable fairway driver that is ideal for beginners. If you’re looking for something that will

Yikun Discs Shu (Dragon Line) – Midrange

The SHU is a mid-range disc with a unique shape, resembling a low-speed driver with a sharp outer rim. Despite

Yikun Discs Tomahawk (Tortoise Line) – Midrange

The Tomahawk disc is a great mid-range option. It can achieve a 50-80 meter straight-line toss, even in dense woodland

Yikun Discs Zhu (Swift) – Fairway Driver

The Zhu, from Yikun Discs, is a fairway driver with a slight end-fade. It is designed to be released in

Yikun Shu (Phoenix Line) – Midrange

The SHU is a mid-range disc with a unique shape. It looks like a low-speed driver with a sharper outer

Yikun Shu (Tiger Line) – Midrange

The Shu is a midrange disc with a large diameter that is great for beginners. It has a nice turn