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What is a Disc Golf Club?

what is a disc golf club

You’ve picked up some disc golf discs and are having fun learning the sport. Then one day you discover that there is a local disc golf club. What is a disc golf club? How much does it cost to join? What purpose does it serve? Today, we’ll learn all about disc golf clubs!

Although disc golf clubs vary in size, leadership, and the way they are run, they have a few things in common.

  • First, clubs are a bunch of people who like to play disc golf and want to get together to compete.
  • Second, they typically charge a few dollars to join. The fee and the benefits to joining vary.
  • Third, they will have bag tags (numbered tags that are collected prior to an event, then distributed afterward according to scores) or other gear available to club members.

Benefits to Joining a Club

You’ll get to meet other local disc golfers. Many friendships have been formed while out hucking. You get to see what other people are throwing, learn about new discs, and pick up tips on disc golf form. The experience players can tell you about the rules and etiquette of disc golf.

You’ll have opportunities to compete in leagues and tournaments, or play in other events. This will help expose you to competitive play, in a casual environment.

You may learn about new courses or alternative layouts to courses you’re familiar with. Clubs rotate play between different courses and frequently change basket locations to make holes different.

Clubs will run a variety of activities for their members. Some of these include:

Weekly leagues: These are regular competitions that are fairly inexpensive to play, and pay out at the end of the competition. Some clubs will include the results of weekly leagues as part of a series of events, with a separate series winner.

Weekly Doubles: This is a fun format where you are randomly selected a teammate, then you compete against the other teams in a scramble format.

Women-only League: Since a majority of disc golfers are guys, some clubs will form a league just for the ladies!

Glow Round (Night Rounds): If you haven’t played a night round of disc golf, you’re missing out on a lot of fun. You can use glow plastic or attach lights to your disc. You definitely lose fewer discs at night than during the day!

Monthly Events: These events can be tag round, monthly points rounds, or charity events.

Flex Leagues: With a flex league, you sign up for the league online, then play any time during the week. You just need to play with one other competitor. It’s a great way to play if you have a weird schedule.

Sanctioned Tournaments: These are more serious and competitive tournaments. Don’t be intimidated by that description. You’ll just need to brush up on the rules before you play, but they are available for free online. I’ll be writing a blog about tournaments, soon.

Themed Tournament: ‘Themed Tournaments’ are sponsored by disc golf manufacturers. When you register, you get a few discs that will be used in the tournament. It’s a fun way to try new plastic while playing a casual tournament. The Ace Race, MVP Circuit, and Trilogy Challenge are examples of this kind of tournament.

Putting Leagues: Putting leagues are usually held indoors. They are, as the name implies, a league that consists of putting at different stations. It’s a great winter activity, since it keeps your putting sharp during the ‘off season’.

Match Play: This is a fun format where you compete one-on-one with another competitor in a bracket style, with the winner advancing to the next round, and the loser either dropping to a losers bracket or being eliminated.

How to Find a Club

Check out Disc Golf Scene. Doing a google search is a good way, too. Search around in your area and join a local club. They are sure to have activities and events that will increase your love of disc golf!


About Joshua Christensen

I am an ultimate frisbee player turned disc golfer. I have been playing disc golf for a few years now and have fallen in love with the sport and love to do what I can to further its growth!