Why do You Need a Putter? 5 Common Reasons

why do you need a putter

The disc that a lot of people use when they first start playing, and continue to use as long as they play disc golf, is the putter. Putters are the lowest speed of all disc types and are easily identifiable by their rounded rim.

They are used on nearly every hole, either as a driving disc for controlled shots, or as a finishing disc as you throw into the basket. In this blog we’ll look at why you need a putter. Let’s get going!

Reason 1: Great beginner disc

The top pros in the sport of disc golf nearly all recommend to beginners to start playing with only a putter. The slow speed of the disc makes it easy to control, yet still give valuable feedback through its flight.

Learning to shape the throw of the putter will set up good form habits that will benefit disc golfers later in their career.

Many times beginners try throwing higher-speed discs than their skill can manage, and pick up bad habits along the way. Since their ability to throw at high speeds isn’t developed yet, many of us try to compensate for our lack of skill by changing our form to get more distance.

Forcing a disc into an anhyzer flight just to squeeze more distance is a recipe for bad habits that take a long time to break. By throwing a putter we don’t have as much of a danger of developing bad habits.

Reason 2: Best for putting

excellent approach disc

While a putter is a great beginner disc for driving off the tee, it is also the best type of disc for putting. Its slower speed makes it easier to control than faster discs. And its rounded edge (rim) gives it more surface area to contact the chains, making it less likely to bounce off the chains than a disc with a sharper edge.

Since nearly every hole in disc golf ends with a putt, it is a good idea to spend time practicing putting on a regular basis. Getting the muscle memory developed for your particular putting stroke is one the best ways to drop scores from your game.

Reason 3: Excellent approach disc

great beginner disc

One of the most popular putters on the market today is not popular because it is used to putt. It is popular because it is a great disc for driving or approach shots. That disc is the Discraft Zone. Its flight numbers indicate that it has the ability to be thrown at high speeds and still not turn to the right (on a right-hand, back hand throw).

Additionally, putters in general have less ground play than higher speed discs. Meaning they skip and roll less than a faster disc would. Those qualities make the Zone excellent for people who have skill to throw it. And they make putters in general good throwing discs.

Reason 4: Different play on the course

different play on the course

As a beginner, and even as your skills improve, you can’t get as much distance with a putter as with a driver. This means more throws on each hole, and consequently more opportunities to try to land in the fairway or green. It will also give you experience getting out of bushes or other trouble, since you will end up off the fairway more often, too.

Reason 5: The putter – a complete package

If you are just getting into disc golf, or if you want to hone your form, grab a putter or two and head to your favorite course. It is easy to throw, great for putting, is the best for putting, and offers different play than you would get with a driver. Your future self will thank you!


About Joshua Christensen

I am an ultimate frisbee player turned disc golfer. I have been playing disc golf for a few years now and have fallen in love with the sport and love to do what I can to further its growth!