Why You Should Play Disc Golf

why you should play disc golf

For those of us who regularly play disc golf, the many benefits are pretty obvious. To someone just getting into the sport, it might appear like ‘just another hobby’. Let’s change that perception by looking at the many benefits of playing disc golf!


There are many enjoyable aspects of disc golf. It’s fun to try new discs, and even better with we find one that works well for us. It’s fun to play new courses and have to find the lines and gaps. It’s great to meet and play with new people. And it’s fun to play a solo round and enjoy the experience alone. Joining a club and playing with buddies is awesome! And nothing beats the joy of watching the beautiful flight of a well-thrown disc as it carves around obstacles!

Good Social Activity…Or Not

disc golf outdoor activity

Do you like to hang with your buddies and talk and laugh? Disc golf is perfect for you! Do you like to spend time alone in the outdoors? Disc golf is perfect for you! Whether you look at disc golf as an opportunity to socialize while playing a game, or a chance to clear your head after work or school, disc golf is the answer.

There are disc golf clubs around the world, each with their own tournaments, leagues, and events. Clubs are a great way to meet other disc golfers


A really great benefit of disc golf is that it is easy and cheap to start. Inexpensive discs are available, and most disc golf courses are free to play. Even if you want a few accessories, like a bag or towel, there are many budget-friendly options available. If you are really in a financial pinch and can’t drive to a course, find a park and make targets out of the lights, trees, or other objects. That’s how disc golf started!

Outdoor activity

disc golf social activity

Being outside in the sun and fresh air is good for our body and our mind. Walking around a course feels great and improves our health. Whether you are on a mountain course or in a park, disc golf let’s enjoy nature while participating in a fun hobby. It lets you see the seasons change, and provides opportunities to see some wonderful sunrises and sunsets.


The sound of a long putt smacking into the chains of a basket is spectacular! It feels so amazing when your disc leaves your hand on the line you were aiming for and you can already tell it is going in the basket. When that sight is punctuated with the sound of the chains getting smashed, it is truly one of the most satisfying experiences in the sport.

Other satisfying moment come when we start to see the length of our drives increase, and our scores decrease. Or when we start hitting lines more frequently and need to change discs because we are overpowering our ‘beginner’ discs. Or, when we start winning leagues or tournaments.


Every day more people are discovering the fun of disc golf. Such a wide variety of people can participate. Get a few discs and join the fun today!


About Joshua Christensen

I am an ultimate frisbee player turned disc golfer. I have been playing disc golf for a few years now and have fallen in love with the sport and love to do what I can to further its growth!