Disc Golf Distance Tips for Beginners

disc golf distance tips for beginners

Although distance is not always the primary concern whenever you throw a disc, most newbies are always fascinated by throwing at a maximum distance. After all, playing disc golf is all about length. The longer you throw a disc, the more chance you get a lower score.

If you are a beginner, it is understood that you lacked distance during your early days. However, if you want to improve and get the maximum distance out of your throws, check out these disc golf distance tips for beginners that you need to know:

Tip 1: Proper Footwork and Body Coordination

If you are new, you need to know the first disc golf tips for distance are proper footwork and body coordination. You must constantly improve your footwork to achieve the maximum distance you desire. The reason? Proper footwork will help you throw maximum distance. A good example is the x-step, the most commonly used footwork among disc golfers.

You need to familiarize the proper positioning and the movement of the feet every step as you move forward to the tee pad. A proper x-step will make you rotate and release your hips to get the maximum distance you want.

Aside from your feet, you also need to pay attention to the other parts of the body. The shoulders, chest, arms, and head must be well-coordinated and in the proper position before throwing the disc.

Always remember that body coordination is all about the body parts working hand in hand to achieve consistency, accuracy, and power. For example, to achieve an excellent hip turn, you will need to have a natural reach back with the arms that allow a snap through the hips.

Tip 2: Timing is Essential

Aside from a well-coordinated body and proper footwork, getting the right timing is also essential. The moving parts of your body, such as the legs, the arms, and the upper body parts, will help improve your average drive distance.

The importance of timing is also a priority to get the maximum distance. The timing will determine the amount of potential energy the thrower can leverage to put speed and spin to the disc.

What happens if there is no proper timing? The immediate effect is losing power, which will lessen your maximum distance potential. To achieve proper timing, the highest point of your reach back must happen simultaneously when your hips are most turned. After that, you can open the hips first to produce more power.

use the right disc golf discs

Tip 3: Get a Good Grip

Another essential factor contributing to throwing the disc at a maximum distance is having a good grip. When the grip is too loose, there is a bigger chance that the disc will slip out of your hand. This type of grip quality can lessen the maximum distance you can achieve in your throw.

So, what is a good grip? First, the grip must be tight but not too much. Do not stifle the disc to the point that you are strangling the disc. Simply wrap it around your fingers up to the curves of the disc.

When it comes to using the backhand to throw, using the power grip where all the fingers are gripping the rim of the disc is the most effective grip. The fan grip can also be used where your thumb is positioned at the top directly over the ring and middle fingers.

Tip 4: The Importance of the Final Step

It is not always about running up to the tee faster to throw at a longer distance. Most of the run-ups can produce distance but can also affect your accuracy, which you do not want. On the other hand, it is better to have simple walking steps before taking a bigger and final step.

Please be reminded that the power that generates distance comes from the hips and not from your muscles or your hand. The most important thing is to have your body face opposite to where you want to throw before making the final big step.

But how do you do it? When doing the final bigger step, you must plant your foot down while twisting your hips and pulling your arms through the swing. When you reach this point, the disc should leave in your hands.

Tip 5: Use the Right Disc

One factor that contributes to getting maximum distance is using the correct disc. You need to use the right disc to match your release velocity and power. When you are a beginner, you need to use an unstable disc since the arm speed is still lower.

As a beginner, using a lighter disc can also help increase distance. Throwing a lighter disc instead of the heavier one can translate to more distance. Choosing a disc with more glide can also help beginners to maximize the distance of their throw.


This article presented five disc golf distance tips for beginners that any disc golfer can follow. The most important thing if you want to achieve the longest distance is to keep practicing until you do your form correctly.

It will not be easy, as failures and frustration can sometimes get the better of us. The key is to be patient and practice constantly until you achieve your desired goal of throwing at maximum distance.


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