Disc golf sets are the perfect way to get started playing disc golf. The sets listed below are all appropriate for beginner disc golfers.

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Disc Golf Starter Set – Ultra Lightweight Putter Midrange for Kids

The Dino Discs Starter Set is perfect for kids who want to play disc golf with their parents. It includes

Divergent Discs (3-Disc) Glow – The Dark Disc Golf Set

The Divergent Discs 3-Disc Glow in the Dark Disc Golf Set is perfect for slower-arm, beginner, or recreational disc golfers.

Divergent Discs (5 Disc) – Beginner Disc Golf Starter Set

The Divergent Discs 5 Disc Set with Mini Marker provides all the necessary tools to enjoy a round of disc

Divergent Discs 2-Disc Set

Divergent Discs 2-Disc Set features the Kraken, Divergent’s fairway driver, and the Narwhal, Divergent’s putt and approach disc. The Kraken

Divergent Discs 3 Driver Booster Pack – Includes 3 Disc Golf Utility Drivers

Our Driver Booster Pack is perfect for new disc golfers who want to add new discs to their starter set.

Divergent Discs 6 Disc MaxValue Nuno Putter Pack

The NUNO putter from Divergent Discs is a professional level putter. It has a semi deep rim and no bead,

Divergent Discs 8-Disc Set

Our 8 disc value set is a great way to introduce disc golf to your family or group of friends.

Divergent Discs Complete 8-Disc Set with Bag – Complete Disc Golf Set for Beginners

The Divergent Discs Complete 8-Disc Set with Bag is perfect for new and intermediate Disc Golf players. It includes discs

Divergent Discs Max Grip (3 Disc Set)

The Divergent Discs 3-disc starter set caters to new disc golf players and those with slower arm speed. It includes

Divergent Discs Max Performance Disc Golf Starter Set

Our Max Performance Set is our second Starter Set. It includes three discs that are both easy-to-throw and dependable. These

Prodigy Disc ACE Line 3 Pack Starter Set (Great for Beginners) – Lighweight Disc Golf Set

To start playing disc golf, the Prodigy Disc ACE Line Disc Golf 3 Pack has got you covered. This pack

Prodigy Disc ACE Line Starter Disc Golf Set

The Prodigy Disc ACE Line Disc Golf 3 Pack is a great starting point for playing disc golf. The set