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Disc Golf Social Media Groups

Disc Golf Social Media Groups

With only a few hours’ notice, I set out to the Calleva farm to get the disc golf baskets. I searched over all 200 acres of the Calleva Farm, but I only found 6 of them. It wasn’t enough for the full course, but it was enough to accomplish the goal of fun with staff ⎯ and bonding.

Setting Up the Course at Whelan Commons

Then, I drove to Whelan Commons in Poolesville, MD to get the course set up. Because I have only played disc golf once, I felt I was not qualified to set it up. However, I thought I could figure it out.

As I was chucking the baskets out of my Sprinter van, a man was walking across the muddy field staring at me. I thought, “Oh man I am about to be told that I can’t do this here”. Luckily the man, named Jesse, showed up and said “Man, you just made my day! I love disc golf, do you need help?” I in fact did need help.

So, I did what I learned at Calleva and I included him as much as I could! I made him the course designer and I just did what he told me. I had fun and I could tell that he was enjoying himself. He actually told me that he hadn’t had this much fun in a long time. Then, we spent some time throwing discs to test out the course.

Inviting Jesse to Play with the Calleva Staff

I had to get back to the office for the full-time staff meeting, but I invited him to come out with the full-time Calleva staff and play the course with us. He said he would, and I was excited to hang out with him again.

I got back to the office in time for the full-time staff meeting. Then it was time to play disc golf. I explained the rules, although I made them up on the spot. The crew headed down to the park ready to throw. Unfortunately, when we got there Jesse wasn’t there. We still played 9 baskets. It was great.

The Calleva Staff Experience

There were staff there who had experience and were ringers. Additionally, there were first-time players in our group. The age range was from 20-79 years old. Our crew included mechanics, farmers, camp staff, admin staff. Through it all, every single person had a smile on their face. It was exciting to see how disc golf brought the team together.

At the end of our game, my new friend Jesse showed up and said “Man, I thought y’all would have canceled with the rain. Y’all are hard core!” I guess we are, but this is par for the course at Calleva.

This small journey was a mini case study on why Calleva is fantastic. I have worked here for over 15 years, and in that time I have learned to be flexible, include everyone, and generally everything will work out when we work as a team.

Introduction to Disc Golf Camp 2024

We had a great experience with disc golf and know your kids will too. This year we added a new Disc Golf camp. Disc golf camp offers a comprehensive and immersive experience that can help kids develop their skills, build relationships, and have a memorable summer adventure.

Disc golf has become increasingly popular for several reasons:

  1. Accessibility

Unlike traditional golf, disc golf courses are often free to play and accessible to people of all ages and skill levels. This makes it easy for anyone to pick up a disc and start playing.

This is great for camp because campers will be able to jump right into the fun! After camp, it will be easy for campers to keep playing and teaching others about their new favorite activity.

  1. Low Cost

Compared to traditional golf, disc golf has minimal equipment costs. All you need is a few discs, which are relatively inexpensive compared to golf clubs and balls.

If your camper comes home as obsessed with disc golf as we all now are, it will be easy and affordable to enable them to keep playing.

  1. Easy to Learn

The basic rules and mechanics of disc golf are simple to understand, making disc golf accessible to beginners. Players can quickly grasp the fundamentals of throwing and aiming discs at targets. Campers will be proficient in no time!

  1. Outdoor Recreation

Disc golf combines the enjoyment of outdoor recreation with the challenge of a sport, appealing to individuals who appreciate spending time in nature while engaging in physical activity.

Here at Calleva, we are always looking to get kids outside more. Disc golf is a great excuse for kids to be outside year-round!

  1. Community and Culture

Disc golf has a strong sense of community and culture. Dedicated players often form tight-knit communities around local courses. Tournaments, leagues, and social events further contribute to this sense of camaraderie. During camp, campers will have opportunities to bond with other teammates and fellow campers.

  1. Variety of Courses

Disc golf courses come in various layouts and settings, from wooded trails to open fields, providing diverse playing experiences and catering to different skill levels and preferences.

Here at camp, we are excited for campers to experience a variety of courses. Courses are set up to challenge players in a variety of conditions.

  1. Health Benefits

Disc golf offers physical exercise and mental stimulation, both of which promote health and well-being. Players enjoy the benefits of walking, throwing, and strategizing while on the course. With kids spending more and more time inside and on screens, it is important to facilitate fun movement.

  1. Environmental Sustainability

Disc golf courses typically have a minimal environmental impact compared to traditional golf courses, as they require less land and maintenance while still providing recreational opportunities.

Here at Calleva, we value our environment. We teach campers how to care for and respect the places we visit.

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The adventure of setting up a disc golf course at Calleva Farm turned into an unexpected opportunity for connection and camaraderie. Despite challenges, the experience highlighted the core values of flexibility, inclusivity, and teamwork that define the Calleva community. Through the joy of playing together, regardless of age or experience, we witnessed the power of outdoor activities to bring people together.

Looking ahead, we’re excited to introduce a new Disc Golf camp in 2024. This new camp will offer kids the chance to experience the accessibility, affordability, and sense of community that make disc golf a beloved pastime. Join us in embracing the outdoors, fostering friendships, and creating lasting memories with Calleva.