How to Improve Your Focus on Your Disc Golf Goals

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In disc golf, having strong focus and eye-hand coordination can greatly improve your aim and consistency. By making full use of your eyes and directing them towards the right targets, you can enhance your drives, putts, and all throws in between. This article will provide insights on why eye focus is important, where your eyes should be focused in different situations, and how to make necessary changes to improve your performance.

Why Eye Focus Matters in Disc Golf

Merriam-Webster defines eye-hand coordination as the way in which your hands and sight work together to achieve speed and accuracy in activities like catching or hitting a ball. In disc golf, it is crucial to have proper eye focus to ensure precision in your throws. Many players tend to borrow habits from other sports, such as ball golf, where keeping the head down while swinging makes sense. However, in disc golf, looking down or focusing on other parts of your form can negatively impact your aim. Your eyes should be locked onto the target, as this provides useful information to your brain for accurate aiming.

Where to Focus Your Eyes in Disc Golf

When it comes to eye-hand coordination in disc golf, your eyes should be focused on the target. This is particularly important during drives, where your eyes should be directed towards the basket or a specific aiming point. Even on holes with obstacles or blind shots, it is essential to pick something specific to focus on. Think of your eyes as a powerful computer gathering spatial coordinates to guide your body in performing the intended action.

Eye Focus During Drives

To maximize your aim during drives, imagine yourself as a jet pilot firing guided missiles at another jet. Start by locking your gaze on your aiming point, which should be forward and level with the horizon. As you initiate your footwork and prepare for the throw, maintain the connection between your eyes and other body parts to keep your focus on the target. Although there may be moments where your eyes briefly move away from the target for a full-power throw, try to keep your eyes locked on the target as much as possible. Even 85% of the time focused on the target is better than only 15% or 50% of the time.

Eye Focus in Putting

The same principles of eye focus apply to putting, but with even greater precision. Putting requires exacting accuracy, and even a slight deviation in eye focus can lead to a missed putt. When putting, imagine yourself as a photographer using a tripod for stability. Focus your eyes on the exact spot you want to aim for, such as a specific link of chain or an orange tape. Retain this visual connection with the target throughout the release of the disc. Avoid letting your eyes drift to the disc before it leaves your hand, as this can negatively impact your aim. Keep your head still and maintain a clear focus on the target, just like a picture taken with a stable tripod.

Tips for Improving Eye Focus in Disc Golf

To improve your eye focus in disc golf, consider the following tips:

  1. Film yourself: Record your throws and putts to analyze your form and eye focus. This allows you to self-analyze or seek help from a professional. By watching the footage, you can identify areas for improvement and make necessary adjustments.

  2. Learn by feel: Pay attention to how it feels when you keep your eyes on the target throughout your throw. Focus on the feeling of success and failure, and use this feedback to refine and repeat your technique.

  3. Treat moments of broken eye contact as blips: During a full-turn drive, there may be moments when your eyes are forced to come off the target. Instead of waiting for your eyes to reacquire the target before initiating the throw, treat this fraction of a second as a temporary blip. Trust the feeling you’ve learned and bridge the gap between eye contact with the target.

  4. Be intentional with your aim: During putting, ensure that you have a small and specific aiming point in mind. Avoid aiming at the target in general and focus on a particular spot to enhance your precision.

  5. Constantly monitor your eye focus: Regularly check your eye focus during throws and putts. Be aware of any tendencies to let your eyes drift away from the target or become distracted by movement. By monitoring and correcting your eye focus, you can improve your motor coordination and overall performance.


In disc golf, having proper eye focus is essential for improving your aim and consistency. By directing your eyes towards the target, you provide your brain with valuable information for accurate aiming. Whether you’re driving or putting, maintaining strong eye-hand coordination can significantly enhance your performance. Remember to film yourself, learn by feel, and be intentional with your aim to continuously improve your eye focus in disc golf. Watch where you’re throwing and stay focused on your goals!

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