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Axiom Pitch – Understable Brother of the MVP Glitch?

Axiom Pitch Approach Disc Prototype

At Beginner Disc Golf, we’re always excited about new discs, especially those designed for beginners.

Over the past decade, among discs designed for beginners, the MVP Glitch arguably stands out as the best.

What sets the Glitch apart is its ability to fly reminiscent of a conventional Frisbee. With just a slight snap of the wrist, the Glitch glides straight towards the target. Plus, it’s even suitable for a game of catch, making it an ideal warm-up choice.

Recently, the PDGA announced a new disc by Axiom (a subsidiary of MVP that utilizes the same technology, but offers different color combinations). While MVP discs consistently have black rims, the color of Axiom disc rims varies. This new disc bears a striking resemblance to the Glitch, as seen in photos. And given its name, Pitch (rhyming with Glitch), it suggests similarities to the Glitch.

From a business standpoint, this move by MVP is astute, considering the Glitch’s reigning position as the top-selling disc golf disc for the year.

Yellow PitchHow does the Glitch differ from the Axiom Pitch?

This is mostly speculation, but I anticipate the Pitch might be heavier, more flexible, or slightly more understable than the Glitch.

Heavier Glitch – Simon Line?

I theorize the Pitch could be heftier because Simon Lizotte expressed a desire for a weightier Glitch. Can you imagine if the Pitch were to join the Simon Line? The buzz surrounding the Pitch would be unparalleled. With as much hype as the Time Lapse had (a disc that 90% of the people who play the game don’t even have enough power to throw) how much more popular would a Simon Line Pitch, a disc that EVERYONE can throw, be?

I’m kind of doubting that Axiom will make the Pitch part of the Simon line because the disc will sell amazing just as a more colorful Glitch. They definitely don’t need the Simon Lizotte name to make this one sell.

More Flexible

The PDGA approval lists the Glitch’s flexibility at 3.41kg, while the Pitch’s is 4.2kg. This suggests the Axiom Pitch may have a bit more give when pressure is applied to its rim. However, let’s be candid: the PDGA rating tests, due to the inconsistencies in plastic types and weights across batches, can sometimes be misleading. So, the Pitch’s seemingly softer plastic might be a by-product of the PDGA’s variable approval process.

More Understable

Based on the Pitch’s profile image, its rim appears to allow more airflow on its top side. Theoretically, without any other unseen alterations, this would make the Pitch fly more understably than the Glitch. While this is speculative and based solely on online visuals, if the Pitch proves even more understable than the Glitch, I’d immediately recommend every beginner disc golfer snag a Pitch. It’d be an enhancement to an already outstanding beginner disc.

What are the Axiom Pitch’s Flight Numbers?

While it’s uncertain, my guess would be 1/7/-2/0.

Do you possess any inside scoop on what the Pitch might truly entail? We’re eager for any facts, given our immense anticipation for this new Axiom disc!




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